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Otro Paisaje (Another Landscape) Mario Ayguavives

"In “Otro Paisaje” my intention is to create images typically seen on postcards or posters which show a beautiful natural landscape. I then manipulate these on the computer, as the human race has done with the earth, introducing a disturbing aspect through the repetition, one or more times, of some of its components or through the use of symmetry. In this way I intend to produce a strong contradiction to nature where no two elements are ever the same. Repetition and its supposed perfection is something belonging to industrialisation.

The landscapes that I have created can be beautiful, just as beautiful as many other consumer products designed by man, but in them there is something artificial and so perfect that we should be unsettled.”

"… As the human race has done to the earth."


What I Dream Julieanne Kost


ad rem Akzidenz aka Philipp Bolthausen

"My works aren’t pictures of something, but objects about something."


I Traveled to Paris and Returned with Twenty-One Maps Emma Sims


Endless Search Nikita Sergyshkin

Check out this tumblr!

Loving this type of photography



Bluecoats 2010 - Metropolis: The Future is Now


AH! I’ve never been a gif before :]

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Life By JhonnyC: Happy belated birthday

Best thing on tumblr.


In every persons life there are those individuals that make them who they are. In great full for those around me that have helped change me for the better and at times I like to reflect as to those people who make them who they are. In truly an honor when I get the opportunity to meet them because…

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Last thoughts.

It’s midnight and officially October! :]

Decided to give up tumblr. Just ‘one more thing’ that will distract me from kicking ass on my last year at Cal Poly :]

Just a quick run down of how I used tumblr.

1. I started this blog so that I could have a ‘picture-a-day’ while I was on tour with the bluecoats in 2010. And I have to say, that was hands down the most enjoyable experience I have had in my percussion career. 

2. There were times when I attempted to ‘blog’ and write about random shit. I even read a post that my roommate Jhonny wrote about my ‘passed away’ mother on her birthday. That was hands down the best thing I could reblog. I will probably reblog it after this so it’s the last thing on my tumblr.

3. Tumblr became something I would escape to. Looking at images, pictures, quotes, etc. of things that just don’t exist in my immediate life. I often reblogged funny things, or quotes I agreed on… Then I started to look up topics that related to environmental design or architectural diagrams. I often did that to spark inspiration into my work.

4. Ultimately realizing… it’s not a hard decision to stop being on tumblr. 

Peace :]

Circular projector installation!! #glowsantamonica

Circular projector installation!! #glowsantamonica

Huge light installation at the beach! #glowsantamonica

Huge light installation at the beach! #glowsantamonica

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this is literally the best gif on the internet


this is literally the best gif on the internet

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